Gateway to Moreton Bay

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Jacobs Well – Is it Australia’s best kept secret?

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Residents of Jacobs Well are in no doubt. Not surprisingly, a fair proportion of them would like to keep it so. After all, a secret revealed is a secret no more!
But, the rest of us just can’t help ourselves; need to tell the world, feel compelled to shout about it.
Remember the ABC TV series “Sea Change”? Well, Jacobs Well is a bit like that: “Pearl Bay”, only near the Gold Coast and without the shitty weather!
Replete with distinctly Aussie characters, all flat out enjoying village life, like lizards drinking. Even the occasional midges and mozzies don’t deter from the fun, but are embraced with typical good humour. Home-made concoctions are being spruiked like Dr Good’s cure-all tonic. Some of them even contain Vegemite and are so disgusting, you wouldn’t put them on a wild pig.
Not that we have any in Jacobs Well. Instead, an astonishing variety of birds call this place home – migratory ones adding to the spectacle. Fish life in the tranquil waterways of southern Moreton Bay is still abundant, too – evidenced by weekend fishermen launching their tinnies at the four-lane boat ramp, right next to the Volunteer Marine Rescue building.
They buy their lures ‘n things at the headquarter store of one of Australia’s busiest online fishing sites, appropriately named  Hooked On Line; stock up on food ‘n booze at the bakery, supermarket, bottle store and various café’s. Sunscreen lotion and midge repellent (the non-disgusting variety) can be had at the chemist and the doctors at the local surgery will stitch ‘em up when the filleting knife slipped.
They take their boats to places like The Jumpinpin, The Lagoon, Tipplers and Tiger Mullet. Places that are, without a doubt, some of the most astonishingly beautiful marine environments on the planet. A short walk across from the Lagoon on South Stradbroke Island will take you to miles of deserted white sand beaches. Sand, which has been ground into the consistency of fine sugar by the glorious South Pacific.
Over three million people live and work less than an hour’s drive to the north and south, yet you will be hard pressed to meet more than a handful on weekends – none during the week. If you need to regroup, reorder your priorities or clear your head, this is the place to do it!
Visitors without a boat can relax on the Jacobs Well waterfront, near the caravan park with its cute self-contained cabins, take a dip in the sand beached swimming enclosure, use the free electric barbies, walk amongst the mangrove lined water’s edge, observing flocks of Pied Stilts breaking the tranquillity with their pensive calls. If you are lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of a small pod of dolphins shepherd their young past your view.
If your tummy is talking to you or you feel the need to ‘wet your whistle’, a number of high quality café’s and two great pubs/restaurants, the original JW Tavern and the rustic Calypso Bay Harrigan’s Drift Inn, are at your service. For those who like the finer things in life, be sure to visit Donald James Waters, one of Australia’s best known contemporary artists, creating magic on canvas right here in his gallery.
Take the M1 exit at Yatala, Ormeau or Pimpama and you’ll be treated to acres of neat sugar cane fields (♪This is Australiaaah♪), hiding gems like the Holden Performance Centre, the Extreme Carting Track, Horizon Shores Marina, the hamlet of Cabbage Tree Point and more. For those with a nostalgic bent, a visit to Rudi Maas Marina is a favourite. Call the place dated if you must, but you’ll be missing the point! It’s more like a trip back in time. They even shoot Hollywood movie scenes there, for goodness sake!
The close vicinity of high quality public and private schools, a railway station not 10 minutes away, a new metropolis being built (Coomera) with even more schools, shopping centres and other amenities nearby (but not too close for comfort!) and two international airports less than an hour away by car, will guarantee Jacobs Well’s future prosperity.
Just a single visit to our secret little village will confirm it:  Jacobs Well truly is one of Australia’s best kept secrets!